ACW & PSBA Guest Shift: K-Bar (CPH) Kirsten and Morten! MONDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 2023 FROM 20:00 – 23:00 UTC+02

ACW & PSBA Guest Shift: K-Bar (CPH) Kirsten and Morten!

ACW & PSBA Guest Shift: K-Bar (CPH) Kirsten and Morten!

On the FIRST NIGHT of Amsterdam Cocktail Week, we are delighted to bring you Kirsten and Morten, representing K-Bar Copenhagen!
A bar with over 21 years of history, that owner Kirsten can tell you all about! Impressive bar with an impressive story.
Reservations are certainly a smart move, but giving hugs and saying hi to our Danish friends is of course fine too!
On Kirsten:
Having lived and traveled extensively worldwide, my outlook on hospitality and curiosity became defining traits. Twenty one years ago, I took a bold step and opened Copenhagen’s first craft cocktail bar, moving the scene from luxury hotels to the city center.
Back then, women bartenders were a rarity, and opening a cocktail bar was even more unconventional. But I stood firm, hoping to inspire others by doing things right and for the right reasons. I named my approach “New traditionalism,” blending fresh ideas with old traditions.
Living in a city with high standards and a dynamic dining scene, I draw inspiration from my travels, constantly challenging and reinventing. My journey is one of passion, pushing boundaries, and shaping unforgettable moments at K-bar.


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