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Bar TwentySeven

The innovative, talented and first class team of Bar TwentySeven has developed countless intriguing creations, which have been adapted to the personal taste of our guests. Bar TwentySeven has an impressive and elaborate whisky selection, with brands such as Hibiki 21, Yamazaki 25 and even a bottle of Yamazaki 23 Sherry Cask, Highland Park 40 and Pappy van Winkle 23. We serve probiotic cocktails, made from special ingredients such as biological, home brewed pineapple beer. The elegant and stylish interior -carefully curated and created by famous interior designer Wim van de Oudeweetering- features beautiful silk lounge chairs that shimmer in the warm candle light. Over the entire width there is a beautiful large bar that gives the room an elegant and warm appearance.
The bar is made from shining Onyx, costumes made by Solid Nature. Bar TwentySeven also features a fancy smoking lounge, with a beautiful view of Dam square.
Dam 27

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