There are no secrets with Old Duff Genever – no made-up marketing nonsense, nothing omitted, no inconvenient facts massaged. That’s what the kind of people who drink genever – real genever – demand. Genever –¬†real¬†genever – is a delicious multi-grain distillate (historically lots of rye) with masterful hints of flavour from a small amount of juniper and (usually a small number of) other botanicals. Think of it as unaged whisky’s complex daddy. During the first Golden Age of cocktails in mid-1800s America, genever was the best-selling imported spirit in America, with 450 bottles of genever being imported for every 1 bottle of gin. Genever was called for equally in the penthouse, at the cocktail bar and in the labourer’s taverns. Genever? Every drop in each bottle of Old Duff Genever and Old Duff Genever Single Malt 100% Maltwine was milled, fermented, distilled and bottled in Holland. That’s really, really rare – sadly, almost no other Dutch brand still distills its own genever in Holland.

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