Bols Genever is a original Dutch spirit, created from lightly distilled Dutch grains and a complex botanical mix. It is made according to the original 1820 Lucas Bols recipe which stood at the basis of the cocktail revolution in 19th century America. It is the high content of a unique grain distillate called malt wine that gives Bols genever its characteristic smooth malty taste. Perfect for mixing and making cocktails, such as the original Collins.

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Since 1888, Hooghoudt has been creating top-quality genever that distinguish themselves through the love, passion and dedication with which they’re made. Over the course of 125 years, four generations have been working on flavor developments and experiments to get Hooghoudt to where it is today: leading in the field of taste, scent and color. Every product tells the story of the ultimate quest for richness when it comes to flavor – flavors that originate from the perfect blend of herbs, fruit peel and fruit. Made from selected high-quality ingredients, preferably plucked from the local area.

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