Belsazar Vermouth is a German vermouth created in Baden at the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. Belsazar’s range consists of four variants: Dry, Red, Rosé and White. All are created with a blend of six (German) wines flavoured with up to 20 spices, herbs, peels, blossoms and small-batch fruit brandy from the Schladerer distillery. The blends are aged in stoneware casks for a number of months in order to preserve aromas and tastes. Belsazar Vermouth works over ice, in a long drink or in classic cocktails like the martini. It is perfect for low alcoholic drinks, making sure you get all the flavors of a cocktail without getting drunk to quickly.

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Bordiga is a very old distillery: it was founded in 1888 and since then it has kept alive the culture and traditions of the recipes of the Alpine and Occitan area, where it is based. Even today, it uses manual pickers from which it directly purchases herbs for its own production, contributing to the development and enhancement of the mountain economy. The continuous search for new products and their processing make it one of the most dynamic companies in the sector. Some of the biggest Italian brands of liqueurs owe their success to Bordiga. We strictly maintain their anonymity: production on behalf of third parties is taken care of in all its aspects, with flexibility and efficiency. Bordiga has been a school for 130 years: an excellence where craftsmanship becomes art, without compromise.  

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