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Dutch Courage Cocktailbar

The term Dutch Courage and genever go hand in hand. While the Dutch and English soldiers fought side by side during the Eighty Years’ War (1568-1648). The Dutch soldiers had a daily ration of genever, and every morning before battle, they would take some big gulps of Dutch Courage to take the edge off. And since the English and Dutch fought side by side against the same enemy, they were willing to share their daily portion of genever. Genever and cocktails And it was not just the British. Dutch spirits have played a major role on the world stage for hundreds of years. Tess Posthumus: “Our traditional genever was widely traded and drunk all over the world. And during the American ‘Golden Age of Cocktails’ (1850-1920), genever was one of the four spirits used as a base in cocktails, alongside brandy, whiskey and rum. 25% of all classic cocktails are traditionally based on genever! At Dutch Courage we let our guests fall in love again with this Dutch spirit and other beautiful distillates, such as Dutch gin, rum and old-Dutch liqueurs. The Zeedijk, traditionally a neighbourhood where ships full of herbs and spices entered the country, is therefore the ideal location.” Ode to genever and Dutch drinking culture Cocktail bar Dutch Courage combines 150 different genevers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany with an extensive range of genevers based cocktails and is an ode to genever and old-Dutch liqueurs. Foreign spirits, with stories that lead back to the Netherlands, are also available. Timo Janse: “We want to offer a good balance between a high-quality cocktail bar on the one hand and the cozy, ’gezellige’ and accessible ambience of the traditional local pub on the other. We therefore do not take reservations. In addition to a cocktail based on Dutch history, you can also enjoy a genever tasting flight or a qualitative ‘kopstootje’ with local beers.”

Sun-Thur 17.00 – 01.00 Fr Sat 15.00 – 03.00


Zeedijk 12, 1012 AX Amsterdam
Name of the Alcoho non-Alcohol Brand(s) you will be working with:

Don Papa & Smokehead


London Essence & Selati

You can enjoy these cocktails in our bar

WELLERMAN 45ml Don Papa baroko 30ml pineapple juice 20ml lime juice 15ml vanilla syrup 10ml mango purée 7,5ml Ancho Reyes Verde One dash Jamaican jerk Three drops salt solution Egg white Shake and dry shake in fizz Top-up LE soda Garnish: ground pepper

LETABA SUNSET 60ml Selati African Sunset 10ml mango purée 15ml lime juice 10ml ginger syrup Dash creole bitters Shake & strain in coupe Garnish: orange zest & cherry

Dutch Courage Cocktailbar



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