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Flying Dutchmen Cocktails

Flying Dutchmen Cocktails is the cocktailbar owned by Tess Posthumus and Timo Janse in the heart of Amsterdam. Its focus is on (neo-)classic cocktails and features the largest backbar of the Netherlands with over 800 unique spirits. It is open 7 days per week, from 5 pm till 4 am, making it the latest cocktailbar of Amsterdam. Come fly with us at Singel 460, Amsterdam! Awards Flying Dutchmen Cocktails is proud to have been awarded Best Cocktailbar 2018 by Esquire magazine, Best Cocktailbar at the Entree awards, Top 10 Best Cocktailbar Europe 2019 and nominated for Best New International Cocktailbar at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Bar concept Like most countries, in the Netherlands people are getting more and more aware of what they eat and where it comes from. Slowly the Dutch consumer is starting to think, not only about what they eat, but also about what they drink. Because of this, a true cocktail culture emerges. The consumer is more knowledgeable about food, but is still somewhat lost when it comes to cocktails. Slowly the Dutch are exploring the wonderful world of mixology, but they don’t know the difference between existing recipes and the signature creations of the different bars. Worldwide renowned bartenders Tess Posthumus and Timo Janse believe you can compare the cocktail industry with the restaurant business. You can easily prepare a quick meal at home, cook an extensive dinner or order a classic dish at a restaurant nearby. There are a lot of different ways of cooking, all the way up to the food chefs get their Michelin stars with. This could be new signature creations or reconstructed/deconstructed classics. But before a Michelin Star chef can deconstruct Eggs Benedict in order to puzzle it back together into a star worthy dish, the guest needs to know what Eggs Benedict are. The Dutch cocktail culture is still in its infancy. An international Renaissance of the Cocktail is happening, but in the Netherlands there never was a Golden Age of cocktails. The Dutch drinking culture focussed on beer, wine, genever and liqueurs, which were all enjoyed straight up. Mixing drinks was often considered something too fancy for the sober Dutch and cocktails were only prepared in American focused hotelbars. These days the cocktail is trending and Dutch bartenders are looking abroad and on Instagram for inspiration, while the knowledge of the different preparation methods, techniques and classic recipes are often not mastered yet. Tess caught herself giving the same jury feedback after competitions more often ‘You need to learn how to walk, before you can start running’. And to create a true cocktail culture in the Netherlands, we must first learn the classics. At Flying Dutchmen Cocktails we want to teach the Dutch bartender and their guests how to walk, run, and eventually fly through the world of cocktails. We do this by taking a step back. Back to the base. Back to the classics. Flying Dutchmen teaches their guests and the bar industry something about the profession of bartending, about the stories behind the spirits, about existing recipes and about the bartenders who created these classic cocktails. The educational character of the bar shines during the day with consumer workshops and training programs for hospitality professionals, and casually at night with a classic cocktail focused menu and a monthly guest bartender program. We want to make everyone who enters Flying Dutchmen fall in love with the wonderful world of cocktails.
Singel 460

5 PM – 4 AM 7 days per week
Name of the Alcohol & non-Alcohol Brand(s) you will be working with:

Don Papa & Tanqueray No Ten


Selati & London Essence



You can enjoy these cocktails in our bar

“Cherry, Cherry Lady” 45ml Tanqueray 10 Gin 30ml Dolin Blanc Vermouth 10ml Nusbaumer Myrille Liqueur 15ml Amaro Santoni 1d Bittered Sling Suius Cherry  —> thrown, chilled Nick & Nora; Revolution Cherry made by Alina Lucia Cichozki

“Summer Sapje” 45ml Selati Summer 45ml Orange Juice 5ml Pineapple Syrup 1d Cranberry bitters Top Soda —> build, skinny highball, long ice cube; half Orange wheel made by Cristina Blanco

Flying Dutchmen Cocktails



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