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Gall & Gall is the leading Liqor specialist since 1884. But ultimately we are just hobbyists. We get excited about the grapes that grow on remote volcanic slopes, or that small crack in a barn far away in Islay that gives the whisky its saltiness. We like to tell stories that are special, unique and are more than just the bottle. But above all, we tell stories that you can literally taste.


When mixing cocktails at home, of course you will need your ingredients. Whether you’re an ‘Old fashioned’ kind of guy or a ‘Cosmopolitan nipping’ kind of girl, Gall & Gall can provide the essential ingredients you need.

Gall & Gall has an extensive collection of spirits, bitters and tonics.

You can get them at your local store or order them directly online.


Feel inspired? Can’t wait to start mixing yourself?

But how to mix a Moscow Mule? What bartools do you need to shake the perfect cocktail? And what if you don’t have any tools? We have answers to all these questions and more.

We’ve got the best cocktail recipes and hacks for you. From the sultry Dark ‘N Stormy to the classic G&T, you can find it at Gall & Gall.



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