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Helst is the craft beer Valhalla of De Pijp. With a passion for beer as our starting point, Helst explores the World. Every day we search for the newest, most popular craft beers and the most appreciated of classic brews. Helst Gastropub is the place-to-be if you are adventurous and want to discover new flavours.

The Helst Beer Philosophy:

If a unique, new taste is discovered, we at Helst do everything we can to share it with you. We ensure that the transportation runs perfectly and that the beer is stored at the correct temperature. We serve the beer as the brewer intended: fresh and flavoursome! Hand-made beer is our core product. We believe that beer of such high quality should be treated very carefully. Therefore, we treat the beer as if it were our own offspring!

With 30 beers on tap, Helst always has an interesting and diverse selection on offer. Using our digital menus (powered by DigitalPour and Untappd), you can tell exactly which beers are on tap and also which are coming next. With the live feed from Untappd you can even tell who is drinking what. How cool is that!

Craft Beer and Beyond:

Our philosophy is strongly reflected in our selection. Delicious craft beer is not the only thing we have to offer you! We carry a wide range of spirits, almost all from the Netherlands. Our spirits selection also undergoes the ‘Helst Test’ before being added to the menu. Naturally, traditional Dutch gin is well represented. We also have a large selection of other gins, rum, brandy, vodka and whiskey.
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